Hot Tub Cleaning Service

Hot Tub Cleaning Made Easy

Creative Hot Tubs has proudly been serving the Reno area for years. After providing hundreds of hot tubs to the community we know that taking care of the water in your tub can be challenging. That’s why we have assembled a team of expert water care technicians to service hot tubs in the community. Our experts have been trained and certified to dump, clean, fill, and maintain a crystal clear hot tub.

We have a variety of packages and options to keep your water clean depending on your involvement. At Creative Hot Tub Designs, we believe that you should be able to enjoy the full benefits of hot tub ownership without needing to spend your precious free time worrying about cleaning, balancing and caring for your spa.

Hot Tub and Swim Spa Cleaning Packages

We have a variety of options that are included with our packages from regular visits to dumps and refills.

Cleaning Visits

Test & balance water (pH, Total Alkalinity, Calcium & Sanitizer)*

Balancing chemicals included

Remove any water lines

Top off water to proper level

Rinse, clean & wash filters

12-month commitment includes (4) drain, clean & refills

*Does NOT include SmartChlor or Mineral Cartridges

This program is currently only offered to residents of the Reno/Sparks area.


Weekly: $53/visit

Bi-Weekly: $66/visit

One time visit: $110


Weekly: $74/visit

Bi-Weekly: $94/visit

One time visit: $118


Weekly: $89/visit

Bi-Weekly: $111/visit

One time visit: $128


Quarterly Program

Hot Tub: $189

Swim Spa: $369

Dual Temp: $429

One-Time Visit

Hot Tub: $269

Swim Spa: $449

Dual Temp: $509

Question: Do I need To Provide Chemicals?

We provide almost everything you need depending on the type of hot tub you have. Although we provide all balancing chemicals, we do charge for items such as new filters (when needed) and certain types of automated sanitizers. All other chemicals are provided during the cleaning. We can provide information over the phone about your specific needs for your spa. We don't ever charge additional fees without your permission first.

Question: Do I need To Be Home During The Cleanings?

You do not need to be present for your Hot Tub cleaning service. Our technicians just need access to your tub and to be aware of any pets, gate-codes or other special instructions you may have.

Question: Do I Need To Clean My Hot Tub If I Do The Bi-Weekly Package?

Depending on the service you choose (such as bi-weekly), you may be required to test your water and clean your filters on weeks we are not there. Testing your water and chlorine levels weekly are important in keep your water clear and safe.

Question: Do I Need To Have Purchased My Hot Tub or Swim Spa From Your Business?

Nope. We clean all hot tubs and swim spas regardless from the manufacturer or where you purchased it from.

Ready For Reno’s Best Hot Tub Cleaners

We take pride in offering the best experience for our customers. If you are tired of cleaning every week, we would be more than happy to. We have proudly been providing our hot tub cleaning service to the Reno-Sparks area for years.